Friday, January 29, 2016

In Tirana today evening, was arrested former Labor Minister, Spiro Ksera.

Ksera belonging to the cabinet of Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

According to prosecutors, he is suspected of embezzling public funds.
Ksera is the first senior official to go for arrest by the prosecution of Albania, which is at the center of allegations of failing to arrest of senior officials of Albania ..

But the arrest of Spiro Ksera puts in doubt the transparency of the prosecution, which has very easy to arrest citizen's Albanians with Greek Nationality, than lobbying of politicians linked to criminal gangs in Albania

Spiro Ksera is an Albanian politician. He was Minister of Labor, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities of Albania. He was initially a member of the Greek minority's Unity for Human Rights Party but later became a member of the Democratic Party of Albania.
Ksera, an ethnic Greek, was born in the town of Derviçan, in Dropull region and studied mechanical engineering at the University of Tirana. During the period 2005-2009 he was the prefect of Gjirokastër County, in southern Albania.

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