Sunday, December 27, 2015

Greece adds to the ranks of the Army, up to 50.000 Albanians, coming years

Greeks and Albanians more together than ever, nearly over 1 million Albanians and Northern Epiriotes, will receive Greek nationality in the next years.

Very interesting the Albanian Army, composed of 10. 000 soldiers in total, when in addition in the Greek army will raise of 50 thousand soldiers, from Albanian origin. The Greek Army has 180. 000  solders active.

Athens has applied the law to the Greek citizenship for children born in Greece. Benefit to all Albanian immigrant family reunion in Greece, who have many years living and working.

With the new law for children born in Greece, for 25 consecutive years, it is thought that about 50 thousand Albanians, were aged to obtain Greek citizenship, which necessarily accompanied with military service.

Source for SManalysis shows that started the application method for 9 months military service in the Greek army, for all Albanians born in Greece, who are obliged by law to respect the country's constitution.

The decision greeted with enthusiasm by Albanian immigrants in Greece, it seems like not a positive development in Tirana, for which nearly 1/3 of the population of Albania, Greek civil done .. But what are the consequences by some Albanian analysts?

In Tirana, many analysts believe it is clear policy of creating conditions to increase the Greeks in Southern Albania, and tomorrow, the Albanian population, in whole become bilingual citizens, Greek and Albanian. They will have the right for self determination or will unite with Greece. This is the precedent if Kosovo will call for referendum with Albania, the country will divide in tow.

Just the thought that the Albanian army, composed of 10 thousand soldiers, the addition of the Greek army of 50 thousand soldiers, who come originally from Albania but born in Greece, is the capitulation of the Albanian state, say some voices. There is also another issue. Albanian immigrants, do not want the army in Albania and pay officials, and are willing to make the army in Greece, as their families live and work for decades.

Albanians and Northern Epiriotes together constitute about 10% of the population of 11 million in Greece, who are in the process of obtaining the Greek citizenship. So far, about 400 thousand Northern Epiriotes, received Greek citizenship.

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