Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Digital Albania and Digital Kosovo, agreement signed

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania, Royal Norwegian Embassy in Tirana and Prishtina, and British Council have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the framework of cooperation regarding the implementation of the “Digital Diplomacy – Digital Albania and Digital Kosovo” project.
The Memorandum is signed by the Kosovo foreign deputy minister, Petrit Selimi, his counterpart from Albania, Halil Hyseni, Ambassador of Norwegian Royal Embassy in Tirana and Prishtina, Jan Braathu, and the Director of British Council in Kosovo, Arjeta Emra.
This Memorandum aims at establishing a partnership among four abovementioned parties in light of the respective project. Parties aim to support the efforts of Albania and Kosovo in light of international recognition and to promote both countries image through digital diplomacy, as well as to engage young people as a contributing factor in strengthening and improving the image of their respective countries.

300,000 Euros in grant money from the Norwegian government

Upon this occasion, Deputy Minister of Kosovo, Petrit Selimi, stated that: “… this project, supported by the Norwegian government through a grant amounted to €300,000, is same time one of the most ambitious projects in the field of digital diplomacy. Furthermore, Norwegian and British governments have consistently supported Kosovo’s efforts in this area, efforts that  have placed young and innovative citizens in the foreground as active diplomats. Deputy minister Selimi emphasized that the draft Strategy for Digital Diplomacy of Kosovo and the efforts of the Foreign Ministry of Kosovo, with its international partners, were also recognized through the ranking of  this strategy as the fourth best in the world (following the US, UK and Israel ) by the prestigious Turkish magazine in the field of public and digital diplomacy, “Yeni Diplomasi””.

Promoting digital diplomats…

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania, Halil Hyseni stressed that the government in Tirana welcomes this agreement and implementation of the cooperation of particular importance to the promotion and consolidation of the two respective countries and promote their assets effectively at a global level. Hyseni stated that this project will involve more young people from Albania and Kosovo, who have the potential to promote their countries through implementation of their creative ideas. Albanian Deputy Foreign Minister further said that this memorandum will promote network of “digital diplomats” and will also assist in the implementation of public and cultural diplomacy.
His Excellency, the Ambassador of Norway in Tirana and Prishtina, Jan Braathu, stated that the digital diplomacy project between Albania and Kosovo will help change and improve perceptions of the international community  towards these two wonderful countries. Furthermore, Ambassador Braathu emphasised that  true ambassadors of countries around the world are young and innovative people who through positive writings in Wikipedia and various website give tangible contribution to the promotion of their countries in all areas, tourism, culture, environment, and so on. These young people are those who can mark significant achievements and break the barriers that politicians and ambassadors cannot overcome. Kingdom of Norway remains committed to support talented young people in Albania and Kosovo, as the best representatives of their countries, concluded Ambassador Braathu..

Useful projects for citizens

Director of the British Council in Kosovo, Arjeta Emra, reiterated that Kosovo citizens are the best diplomats in the country. Upon this occasion, she extended her gratitude to the MFA of Kosovo and Albania for establishing  this important cooperation for both countries, same time she extended her gratitude to the Norwegian government for cooperation and valuable contribution in supporting this project, as well as other initiatives useful for citizens of Kosovo. The British Council, by its well recognized  expertise and qualities, it continues to encourage inclusiveness in all of its activities, and that British Council remains faithful partner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo and all other institutions that encourage the engagement of Kosovo youth as active digital  diplomats to the benefit of the country, stated  Arjeta Emra.

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