Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Albanian US Citizen from Himara Diaspora, asks the US Ambassador Donald Lu, for concerns in region, the properties

Sabina Koka Marsh
Sabina Koka Marsh Dear Ambassador Lu,

Hitherto, Albanian officials previously and currently in government offices have been seen taking advantage of the underdeveloped and dilapidated conditions throughout the country to line their own pockets and to gather large tracts of property unbeknownst to many Albanians; as a Himariot, I see the Albanian Southern Coast being slowly taken over by these individuals in the government, even though many residents cannot even build on their own properties. The self-aggrandizing usurpation of our country by a Neo-Communist regime continues now in spirit with an unrelenting avarice and its Machiavellian arbiters who thwart all rightful owners' claims to their property - and we who have lost our land because of our country's shameful history must now undertake a daily struggle to reclaim what has always been ours. For instance, it has been apparent that the Albanian government has been reluctant to relinquish property to its citizens and it has been especially difficult for Albanian citizens to engage in equitable legal disputes due to the preponderating corruption at various levels of judicial office. The Criminal Law 7501 is now being used to create touristic villages and to acquire large swaths of real estate by members of the Albanian government as well as their close friends and partners all the while denying those who ought to have been provided with what was theirs before it was taken away from them.

What can the US Embassy do to help Albanians understand the nature and extent of the corruption that exists within their own government? Can the US Embassy provide guidance as well as a safety net for Albanians who feel at risk in making motions to change or overturn certain unethical laws that have been put forward to undermine Albanians and their rights?

It is my sincere hope, Ambassador Lu, that the American Embassy will take steps with the U.S. and Albanian governments to help Albanians reclaim their country.

Sabina Koka Marsh
Kansas, USA
US Ambassador Donald Lu, backs Himara Community efforts for their Constitutional Rights.

U.S. Embassy-Tirana
U.S. Embassy-Tirana Hi Sabina, I had the opportunity to visit Himara in July and meet with several leaders of the ethnic Greek Albanian community. I heard from them all about the illegal seizure of property and the denial of rights. We follow the issues of this community very closely. We do so during elections and whenever there is a crisis. We also have staff members who visit the region regularly. If Albanians have individual concerns about human rights, they can raise them to the U.S. Embassy and the office of the People’s Advocate of Albania.

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