Thursday, October 22, 2015

"There's chance Pristina's bid will fail"

Serbian FM Ivica Dacic said on Thursday he believes there is a chance that the UNESCO General Conference in November will not "confirm Kosovo's entry."
Source: Tanjug
He spoke for the Belgrade-based Pink TV broadcaster a day after UNESCO's Executive Board recommended to the Conference to allow Pristina to join the organization as a member.
Dacic said it was important for Serbia to continue with political activity and that he "hoped there would be, among the 60 countries that have not recognized Kosovo, a certain number that will vote against at the General Conference."

"I believe there is a chance that the proposal will not pass. We will be in Paris, we will be very active at the bilateral level and as two-thirds must vote (in favor) in order to pass a decision on admitting Kosovo, I hope that among the 60 countries that have not recognized Kosovo there will be a certain number that will vote against," he said.

"Nothing will happen now because Kosovo will be under the watchful eye of the international community, but in the long run, that is a danger," said Dacic of the possibility of Pristina's membership in UNESCO and the consequences for Serbian cultural heritage.

As for Montenegro and Macedonia voting in favor of the Albanian initiative to recommend that Kosovo be admitted to UNESCO, he said Serbia will behave toward these countries in the future in the international arena "in equal measure."

"It's about their internal relations, we have invested a lot in the development of relations with regional countries. The way someone treats our interests, we will treat theirs. I do not believe that we will vote for their things at the international level," said Dacic.

Speaking during an extraordinary news conference he called in Belgrade late on Wednesday, Dacic said the result of the vote on Wednesday was more favorable for Serbia than expected.

"Out of 58 members of the Council, 27 voted for this recommendation, which means there is no absolute majority for Kosovo's admission to this organization. Moreover, out of 32 countries which have recognized Kosovo's independence, five abstained," he added.

"The vote has shown that there are huge divisions within the international community, as well as within UNESCO," Dacic said. "Nothing is over yet," the foreign minister noted, adding that Serbia will continue its fight.

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