Saturday, October 24, 2015

"Political unity of Serbs in Kosovo imperative"

PM Aleksandar Vucic, Kosovo Office Director Marko Djuric and Labor Minister Aleksandar Vulin met on Friday with political representatives of Kosovo Serbs.
Source: B92
Djuric and Vucic are seen during the meeting (Tanjug)
Djuric and Vucic are seen during the meeting (Tanjug)
They discussed the current political situation in Kosovo and Metohija and the rest of Serbia and challenges related to the admission of the self-proclaimed Kosovo state to UNESCO, the government announced on its website.
The economic and social problems of the Serbian people in the province, the formation of the Community of Serbian municipalities and political disagreements within the Srpska (Serb) List were also discussed.

It was concluded that "a strong unity of Serbian political representatives in Kosovo-Metohija is an imperative and requirement of national survival of Serbs in the province."

It was agreed that Aleksandar Jablanovic should no longer perform the function of the representative of the Srpska List, and that this function be performed by Head of the parliamentary group of the Srpska List Slavko Simic.

This change will be promptly registered in the relevant Pristina government institutions "and Alexander Jablanovic will be moved to another responsible public function in the system of the government of the Republic of Serbia."

The changes in the top of the Srpska List were not caused by media attacks and manipulations, but by the need to make this list even stronger and more unified, the government said, and added that "the participants in the meeting agreed that all possible disagreements among political representatives of Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija be resolved within the Srpska List and in coordination with the Office for Kosovo and Metohija."

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