Monday, July 27, 2015

NATO to Hold Emergency Security Meeting Over Turkey's Terrorist Attacks

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

© AFP 2015/ Brendan Smialowski
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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will hold an emergency ambassadorial-level meeting following a request by Turkey.
BRUSSELS (Sputnik) – The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) announced Sunday it will hold an emergency ambassadorial-level meeting at Turkey’s request in connection with the recent terrorist attacks in the country. "The North Atlantic Council, which includes the ambassadors of all 28 NATO Allies, will meet on Tuesday 28 July, following a request by Turkey to hold consultations under article 4 of NATO's founding Washington Treaty," it stated.
Article 4 allows a NATO ally to request consultations in the event that it deems its security, independence or territorial integrity threatened.
"NATO Allies follow developments very closely and stand in solidarity with Turkey," the communique concluded.
This week has seen a spike in violence in Turkey, which shares southern borders with war-torn Syria and Iraq, stretching 510 miles and 220 miles respectively.
The attacks included a suicide bombing in the Turkish border town of Suruc that killed 32 people and injured over 100, some of them Kurds, and the killings of two police officers in the southern city of Ceylanpinar. The Suruc suicide bomber was reportedly affiliated with Islamic State (ISIL) jihadist group, which had captured vast Syrian territories. Iraq-based Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) claimed responsibility for the Ceylanpinar killings, saying it was in retaliation for the Suruc suicide bombing.
Ankara launched a two-front assault on ISIL and PKK targets in both countries on Friday, marking Turkey's first military involvement in the US-led campaign against ISIL.

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