Sunday, July 19, 2015

Diaspora and associations of Northern Epirus statements against the Minister, Nikoalos Kotsias

The expansionary policies of Athens with Tirana, for "friendship bridge",  have enslaved the Greek population of Northern Epirus

Greek Foreign Minister, showed that the policy of Athens, continue to stay in the same status quo, "for expansionary economic policies" against the interests of Northern Epiriotes, in Albania

Former President of the Pan Epiriotic Federation of USA Michalis Servos: Policies of Athens to Greek population in Northern Epirus have the same strategy, full assimilation from Tirana, without causing friction in relationship between Tirana and Athens

Storm caused some statements of the Greek Foreign Minister Nikolaos Kotsias, in connection with the relationship Grecce - Albanian, during his visit last week in Tirana and Pristina.

A number of associations in USA but also in Albania, had considered Kotsias visit in Tirana as complete failure of the national policies of Greece in relation to intereat protect the population in Northern Epirus, Southern Albania.

Fierce has been rapidly the reaction of the former President of the Pan Epiriotic Federation of USA, , which accused the foreign policy of Athens as destructive interests in Northern Epirus. "Expansionist policies with economic interests oligarch of Athens, have led to Tirana, rubbery properties and to assimilate with its support, the Greek population, in Northern Epirus".

In the same position are almost all associations and the Forums of Northern Epirus, with the exception of "Omonia", which is the only political organization that supports diplomacy of Athens with the so-called "bridge of cooperation between Greece and Albania"

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