Friday, June 26, 2015

Tsipras told Saturday’s Eurogroup meeting is 'decisive' - PHOTOS

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Tsipras told Saturday’s Eurogroup meeting is 'decisive' - PHOTOS
Reuters reports on the Tsipras, Merkel and Hollande meeting this morning, which lasted 45 minutes. A French source told the news agency:
On the substance, the gap is not so wide. They discussed what has to be done today and tomorrow to conclude on issues still to be settled relating to reforms, the extension of the programme and the question of financing.
Both Merkel and Hollande stressed that Saturday’s Eurogroup meeting was the decisive moment in the negotiations and saw no need for another eurozone leaders’ summit.
According to Athens News Agency, Tsipras briefed the two leaders on the Greek proposal and underlined that the Greek side does not understand the institutions' insistence on so harsh measures.
If necessary, they will hold further talks with Tsipras before the finance ministers’ meeting.
ANA, Reuters via Guardian

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