Friday, May 1, 2015

Turkish PM to visit Albania just for support of the Greater Albania idea

Turkish President RrexhepTaip Erdogan, will visit Tirana after two weeks, more precisely on May 13. This is known from government sources who say that Turkish head of state will be accompanied on this official visit by a group of local businessmen.

News of the visit comes two days after a visit by Prime Minister Rama in Istanbul, following his participation in a forum, but in Tirana political sparked much debate being considered unofficial and non-transparent motives, those from the opposition claimed.

This visit is of special importance in view curve of government relations with Turkey Rama, as Prime Minister did not hesitate to consider this country as a key strategic partner of Albania, immediately after took power on June 23.

The visit is happening precisely at the time when Tirana, has opened the question of unification under The Greater Albania, for which Turkey seems to play the role of "Big Brother", especially in the field of armaments, competing economic and political issues with Germany.

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