Monday, April 27, 2015

Albania calls for clarification, the Russian ambassador in Tirana

Ambasadori rus: “UEFA s’mori vendimin e duhur. Dy palet, fajtore”

Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tirana calls for clarification of the Russian Federation Ambassador, Alexander Karpushin.

MFA calls today the Russian Ambassador in Tirana, expressed the dissatisfaction of Albanian, requested clarification on press statements a few days by the Russian MFA, declaring them unacceptable and charges against two sovereign states of Albania and Kosovo for recent events in Macedonia as destabilizing the entire region.

"These statements do not constitute a blackmail and serve no constructive climate in the region, much less gall the principles of international law.

Albania is a member of the NATO and EU candidate and any statement blackmailing of Russia will already seen through this prism "was communicated to the Russian ambassador Alexander Karpushin by MFA.

It is also clear that the ambassador of the Russian Federation should see the reality in the Western Balkans, where the independence of Kosovo constitutes a significant contribution to the future of democracy and regional stability.


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