Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Russian UN envoy: KLA planned more attacks

Russia's ambassador to the UN has told a Security Council session on to Kosovo that statements about the creation of a Greater Albania are a cause for concern.
Source: RTS, Tanjug
Vitaly Churkin also communicated his country's concern "over the manner in which the West is talking Pristina into forming a court for the crimes committed by the KLA," RTS has quoted him as saying.
Tanjug reported that Churkin said it was "wrong to be encouraging Pristina to set up the court as soon as they could to avoid the job being done by the UNSC, and letting the Russian influence grow that way."

"I don't see in what way this approach by the West helps the rule of law, while Macedonian police officers in Kumanovo were attacked by bandits in KLA uniforms, who planned more attacks," noted the Russian diplomat.

Suspected war criminals must be brought to justice regardless of the status of Kosovo, said Churkin.

Special court

Ambassadors of UN Security Council (UNSC) member states urged the government in Pristina to set up a special court for crimes committed by the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) during the debate on Tuesday.

They also "welcomed the continuation of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, and condemned the recent attacks in Macedonia," Tanjug said.

David Pressman, Alternate Representative of the United States to the UN, welcomed the continued progress on the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue and urged both sides to continue their efforts to resolve the telecommunications and energy issues.

“Kosovo must respond appropriately to allegations of serious crimes committed between 1998 and 2000” and promptly adopt the necessary legal measures to set up the Special Court, added Pressman.

He also "commended Belgrade and Pristina for their continued commitment to fighting terrorism, and, in that context, congratulated Serbia on hosting a successful counter-terrorism conference in April, particularly commending the country's inclusive approach with regard to Kosovo's participation."

Pressman also proposed that the UNSC extend the reporting period for the Secretary-General to every six months, instead of the three months as is the case now.

"Strong leadership"

Head of the UN mission in Kosovo, UNMIK, Farid Zarif expressed his regret on Tuesday that there are still no results concerning the formation of a community of Serb municipalities in Kosovo and Metohija and stressed that a strong leadership by both Belgrade and Pristina is necessary in order to make progress in the technical dialogue and deliver results.

Speaking about the establishment of a specialist court for the crimes committed by KLA, Zarif "stressed that in his meetings with the political leaders of Kosovo he underlined that the international community and relatives of the victims expect Pristina authorities not to delay the formation of the court."

He also noted that fast progress in solving the cases of missing persons is necessary to continue the reconciliation process.

Incidents affecting the returnees are particularly alarming, said Zarif, adding that an agreement was reached with the Kosovo government to deploy additional police forces to Klina, where a number of attacks on Serb returnees has been reported.

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