Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Metropolitan Andreas of Konitsas : "Wake up! I`ts the times that the Northern Epirus and our country, is in great alert.! "

The Metropolitan Dryinoupolis, Pogoniani and Konitsa, Andreas once again expresses its deep concern over what is happening with regard to Albania and the new open longer anti-Greek stance towards Greece, with the creation of new issues that did not exist anymore as that of land borders.

Bishop Andreas in his open letter to the Greek state, calls for regarding all the latest developments in Greek-Albanian relations, developments that inevitably affect the Ethnic Minority in Northern Epirus.

The Bishop also mentioned the claims of Chams while sounding the alarm to Athens for the 'black clouds' coming regarding Northern Epirus calling controllers and "responsible" to awaken finally.

Read the open letter of the Bishop:

His Eminence Metropolitan Dryinoupolis, Pogoniani and Konitsa Mr. ANDREAS,

made the following statements:

            "I have often pointed out, that Albanians worn with impudence and insolence towards to Greece. And this proves successive events involving the Greek national community of Northern Epirus.

Albania raises border issue with Greece and plans to create ...the  "Greater Albania".

 And forgets that the current borders in the south at least, comes from the theft of Greek territory of Northern Epirus with the help mainly of Italy in 1914.

            One more recent samples of the Albanian ingratitude, but also anti-Greek policy is that the Socialist Party of Prime Minister Edi Rama put in place third vice Albanian Parliament in Spetim Idriz, who is Chairman of the Nationalist Party of Chams.

       However, developments in the neighbor are rapid, the Greek Government monitors awkward movements of Albanians, and risks of Northern Community in particular, by criminals 'Chams', which the Albanians obvious now incite anti-Greek sentiments.

            Expressing once again our concerns, we pray and while crying to the government and citizens around the world: Gentlemen, wake up! The country and the Northern Epirus risk the End Times. Why, if we continue to indifferent, we will pay dearly one - God forbid - a national humiliation and destruction. "

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