Monday, February 16, 2015

Americans think Russia is their biggest enemy

WASHINGTON -- Americans no longer consider North Korea to be their biggest enemy - currently more than 18 percent believe Russia to be that "greatest threat."
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This number represents a two percent increase compared to a previous Gallup poll, according to reports.
North Korea is now considered the biggest threat by 15 percent of Americans, followed by China (12 percent), and Iraq and Iran (nine and eight percent respectively."

As many as 49 percent of Americans see Russia's military power as "a critical threat" - which is "a dramatic increase compared to last year's survey" when 32 percent of respondents held that opinion.

Gallup noted on its website that this issue was "still rated well behind other international challenges such as terrorism generally, the ISIS group specifically, and Iran's development of nuclear weapons."

The agency said that Americans' opinion of Russia is "the worst measured in 26 years, with 24 percent having favorable and 70 percent unfavorable views."

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