Thursday, December 11, 2014

U.S. ambassador praises military cooperation

BELGRADE -- U.S. Ambassador to Serbia Michael Kirby hosted a reception on Wednesday for the Serbian Armed Forces members who had attended U.S. military schools.
The military cooperation between the two countries is very good, he was quoted as saying.
Based on the US State Department International Military Education Training Program, the US provides USD 900,000-1,000,000 for Serbian troops training at US military academies, Kirby stated.

The cooperation is good and deep and shows that the US and Serbian armed forces thing the same way, and that the two countries dedicate the same amount of attention to constant improvement of their troops, he pointed out.

The Serbian military is highly professional and the idea of continuous education of its members is deeply rooted in its system, Kirby said.

He remarked that it was one of the reasons he enjoyed his post in Serbia so much, because he could always see around him professionals willing to learn more.

US officers are also attending Serbian schools, he noted, adding that the US Armed Forces had things to learn from Serbia as well and appreciated that very much.

The Serbian military works a lot more with the UN and EU now and has been increasing its contribution to peace missions in recent years, he underscored.

It is good for the US, Serbia and the world, the ambassador concluded.

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