Sunday, December 7, 2014

Greek Technical Institute builds new "smart" torpedo called ST14

    December 7 2014, 2:28 PM

The Engineering Department Informatics of TEI AMTH namely student group consisting of Panagiotis Rizos, Nikoleta Michailidou and supervisor Dr. Dimitri Pogaridi developed a clever and innovative anti-submarine torpedo type weapon called ST14 (Smart Torpedo 2014), which carries a smaller torpedo capable of disorient and hit on enemy defense systems.

More specifically, the newest type of smart choice torpedo has wired and automatic guidance with acoustic mode, and the ability to launch a smaller torpedo.

In the case of wireline steering, handling the torpedo is from a control center in which are mounted special system activation switches, self firing of the torpedo, lens, selection mode of Function and Joysticks.

The second smaller torpedo is launched following the command of the operator, after having an actual sound (sonar) of the target. The small torpedo carries audio transmitter and static magnetic field to be detected incorrectly by the opponent.

In the case of automatic guidance with Arduino the propeller is automatically activated when the program is able to control four audio sensors wherein depending on the sound source of the target point, the wings or the rudder of the torpedo are activated such that it can be rotated to the corresponding direction .

The Smart torpedo except that it is possible to produce and exploited in the defense industry, it also generates demand in the global arms market as it offers inexpensive functional and structural innovation. How could an economic idea of military sector not be adopted for inclusion in the defense mechanism of a country or at least be checked?

The Smart torpedo will be presented in the coming Industrial Informatics Festival i2fest 2014, while the public will have the opportunity to admire and learn from the team members.


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