Monday, December 15, 2014

The Hellenic Navy with four new modern submarines

Greece in a few months will have the most powerful submarine fleet after the states that have nuclear submarines with ballistic missiles. The Pentagon tries constantly "feverishly" to strengthen the defense of the country, without burdening the state budget due to the crisis the country is experiencing. A recent example is the integration of antiaircraft gun ZU-23 and BMP-1 armored vehicle as independent units was not something powerful; but their union created a very powerful weapon. The information they want, will soon announce utilization with some weapons systems that no one will expect.  
The Hellenic Navy, will have in a few months the most powerful fleet of submarines compatible with highly trained staff. Besides the 209 submarines that can not be considered under any circumstances outdated, the Hellenic Navy will have four submarines 214 and a retrofitted submarine type 209 to 214. All of these submarines are equipped with devices that promise the complete destruction of the enemy target. At the same time they have the mechanisms to support missions of Underwater Demolition Teams. Generally submarines type 214 are force multipliers of our deterrent force, until recently "rotted" in HSY.
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