Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Albania: "Parliamentary Investigation for Secret Service"

Parliamentary Investigation for Secret Service
Visho Ajazi Lika, Head of the Secret Service, and now with an updated security certification, arrived at the Parliamentary Security Commission on time, but didn’t find any of the Commission’s members.

He returned after 30 minutes to answer to a number of questions for more than four hours and a half. The questions were about the annual report of the Secret Service for 2013.

The debates between the majority Parliament Members and the Secret Service Director focused on the information regarding the explosive attacks. The Director declared that the explosions in January 2014, found the Secret Service unprepared.

The majority Parliament Members were not satisfied with his answers, and for this reason they will organize a Parliamentary inspection of the Secret Service.

“The Commission will review and decide tomorrow about a Parliamentary inspection of the Secret Service by a group of Parliament Members appointed by the Commission”, declared the Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission of Security, Spartak Braho.

The tense climate inside the Commission was reflected in the declaration of its secretary, Pirro Luto:

“During his report and the discussion with the commission we noted some problems, and we still stand to the facts that things are not going well at the Secret Service”, declared Pirro Luto, Secretary of the Security Commission.

The vice chairman of the Commission, the Democratic Party Parliament Member, Flamur Noka, gave details about what Visho Ajazi Lika declared in front of the Commission.

“This report brought detailed information with figures about the lies of the Interior Minister. The most important thing is that the Minister was found to be a liar regarding the accusations he made to the Service. He said that the Secret Service didn’t inform him about the explosives. There are 317 pieces of information given only for four months, all regarding criminal groups who deal with the mine traffic”, Noka declared.

The Chairman of this Commission, Spartak Braho, declared in a phone conversation with Top Channel that the report of the Secret Service was very necessary and planned by the National Security Commission. It affected the entire activity and problematic of this institution and that is related to the National Security. For the importance and secret nature of this report, they decided to keep it behind closed doors.

Top Channel asked Mr.Braho about the declarations of Flamur Noka, who confirmed some details that could be considered secret.

“The speculative declarations in the media is something not ethical and not serious, and a serious violation of the state secrecy. Noka will be held accountable for this violation”, Braho declared.

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