Friday, January 17, 2014

New local territorial division

New local territorial division
The Albanian Parliament Speaker, Ilir Meta, listed the new administration division as a priority in the list of reforms.

“No one should be concerned about any hidden goal behind this. We don’t want to repeat the famous “salamandra” issue, when the electoral laws used to be done once, and there is no discrimination against anyone. On the contrary, we aim for full consensus. We want a full inclusion and this needs to be done as soon as possible, within this parliamentary session, so that all citizens and all political forces can project the future campaign for the local elections”, Meta declared.

The Socialist Movement for Integration leader declared that the justice reform, regardless of being complex, will be made as a citizen request for justice, but it is also a request by the European Union, in which we want to be integrated.

“No one should feel privileged or avoid the accountability sense”, Meta declared.

The Socialist Movement for Integration leader also greeted the good will shown to reestablish security on the roads and declared that the opposition, before criticizing fines, should apologize for the situation in which they left Albania.

Meta reiterated several times that Albania needs to leave behind the transition period, which, according to him, is the period before June 23rd.

“Not because we have no connection to the past, because we have been here even before June 23rd, but by showing the force of reflection and by not repeating even our mistakes before the June 23rd elections”, Meta declared.

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