Monday, July 8, 2013

Τους θεωρούν ήρωες στην Αλβανία!

While Albanian criminals waiting to cross the border

They Considers heroes in Albania!


Nationalist frenzy in favor of murderers escaped-patriots in a publication of the Albanian website

Read the attitude that keeps towards serial killers reporter Nikoleta Kovaçi:
"My uncle and nephew out by police in Greece after searching, this is not unusual, is a function that does not hide his hatred towards Albanians and seek to demonize the Greek mind.
The Greek Police are trying to tarnish the image of Albanian immigrants and to justify the increase in racist violence in the neighboring country.

Yesterday afternoon was the last "goodbye" in the village of Lac Shullaz,   Emir (Edison) Lika (Sinani).
On the Albanian side, there is still a solemn voice that can speak for the execution of the Albanians and the Greek police, the media, showing the murder of uncle and nephew as an unusual business success for catching escapees from prisons of Trikala. .

Yesterday all villagers Shullaz participated in the funeral. The uncle and nephew, 40-year old and the other 26 antistoicha.Ektel estikan by police on the evening of 2 July.
From their site, the information coming is that the nephew went to Greece a few days before he was killed. Had reportedly vowed to help his friends escape from Greek prison, while the period was international search against he remained in his village! "
Of course neither reason the lady was murdered for Katerina, and the dead cop father three more children. For it was "naive" breadwinner, who were not allowed to do whatever they want in Greece.

Department news

Albanian police took no action

Apparently the Albanian Police not only found in alarm at the border to capture Packages and Hearts, but until this moment has not taken the slightest measure and has not set up any roadblock to apprehend two killers bandits.

However, as mentioned executives of the Greek National Minority in Albania, not only at the border but more in the villages of northern Epirus, there is nowhere visible police force.

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