Monday, April 29, 2013

New Opinion Poll By ALCO Gives ND Slim Lead Over SYRIZA

By on 29.4.13

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A new public opinion poll published by ALCO on Monday on behalf of the website gives New Democracy a narrow lead over the radical left SYRIZA party. The New Democracy party is in the lead by 20.5 percent, compared to 19.9 percent for SYRIZA.

Cemented in third position is the far-right Golden Dawn party with 9.3 percent, followed by the socialist PASOK party with 5.5 percent, the Independent Greeks party with 5 percent, the Greek Communist Party (KKE) with 4.9 percent and barely keeping its head afloat is the Democratic Left (DIMAR) party with 3.7 percent.

Six in 10 respondents said that the coalition government is heading in the wrong direction, while 51 percent believe things would be worse under SYRIZA.

The results are as follows:
  • New Democracy - 20.5%
  • SYRIZA - 19.9%
  • Golden Dawn - 9.3%
  • PASOK 5.5%
  • Independent Greeks - 5%
  • KKE - 4.9%
  • DIMAR - 3.7%
Suspiciously, Andreas Loverdos new "Agreement for the New Greece" party received 2%, while SYRIZA former leader Aleko Alavanos' party "Plan B" received 1.4%. (Both these parties were recently launched, in fact they are not older than 2,3 months, and we here at HellasFrappe find it very suspicious how they somehow gathered so much popularity in such a short time).

About 5.2% of respondents said they wanted "another" party, but did not clarify what, while there were 3.9% in blank votes, 8.1% abstained from voting and there was a total of 10.6% in independent votes.

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