Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DP starts investigation against Rama

The Investigative Commission established by the ruling Democratic Party, and which aims to investigate the Vienna incident, has not lost time and held the first meeting.

The members introduced the action plan that will investigate what the Democrats call “The Vienna Incident”.

“Eveyone knows what happened. It was reported by the media with different opinions. This makes the basis of the preliminary data on which we must make our verifications. We have a relatively sufficient basis”, declared Fatbardh Kadilli, Chairman of the Investigative Commission.

The Democratic Party Parliament Members will hear the declarations of the people who were involved in this incident. Besides Egin Ceka, the Investigative Commission will invite other people to testify.

Although the Investigative Commission has no members from the Socialist Party, the Democrats have made several propositions.

“I would suggest my colleagues to review it with a higher intensity, so that the final report can be made on the first date possible”, declared Parliament Member Osman Metalla, member of this Investigative Commission.

“Since this is a very delicate issue that focuses on the opposition leader, I think that we should take things step by step and see the readiness of the people who want to testify”, decalred another member of this Commission, Luciano Boci.

The Democrats invited the opposition Parliament Members to be part of this commission and give their contribution to a matter that maybe not because of a lapsus, one of the Investigative Commission members considered as “only political”.

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