Thursday, March 14, 2013

Suspicions to the Police Station in Himara

While in Sarande, Albanian nationalist groups, post threatening messages at the houses where they live Greek indigenous community, while the event is kept secret.

A citizen of Himara, has reported that police crime agents had planned to decide during the control in the home, guns or drugs, to arrest then.

In the operating room of the state police in Tirana, has arrived a denunciation of a citizen of Himara, which stated that "in Crime Police station in Himara, had prepared a plan, that during inspecting, will have the opportunity to arrest at flagrance, by introducing drugs or weapons in the house.

The event has taken occasion, after a resistance to the police of a family group, who had opposed the police forces, due to a decision by the executive enforcement agents.

Denunciation of the citizen of Himara, casting strong doubts, to state police, while some boys from Himara, long ago, narcotics were found in the boot of the car and were arrested.

About 5 years ago, because of a dispute between police forces and a citizen in Himara, the Police Station in Himara, was attacked by hundreds of citizens of Himara, who wanted to be punished officers who exercised violence against an indigenous inhabitant.

Meanwhile, there is an increase in ethnic tension in Saranda. Numerous citizens of Greek ethnicity, complain that posts in the doors of the houses, make threatening calls, for which police sources say they are working on this problem.

There is an increase in violence against the Greek community to personal property and community, but in particular Orthodox Church, which the state police is silent, while no one can guarantee what extent, the violence of the Albanian nationalist groups, which recently have been protagonists of the Albanian media, even burning headquarters of the Greek Community,

Not yet known a concrete reaction of Greece, but Greek ambassador in Tirana, has spent several days in the south of the country. But at the focus of attention of the Albanian media, is the fact that, Samaras `s adviser, faces strong reacted to to the Albanian government: one month ago.

"If Albanian chauvinists threaten the Greeks of Northern Epirus, Greece clearly will react strongly" encounters been the Declaration of Failos Kranidiotis, the Samaras `s adviser.

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