Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Himara, Guma ceremony, the Deputy of Golden Down: Here is the Greek Land

Albanian Newspaper

But the Greek PM, Kristo Papa, declared that it has one Epirus, although, one it is free and one, is still occupied

For the Albanian newspapers, calling this declaration as a historical scandal

In commemoration of Aristotel Guma. "The Albanian newspaper" reveals footage where Greek Parliament deputy, issued  by Christo Papa in Himara. The Member of the neo-Nazi party "Golden Dawn", has been present at the ceremony held on 12 August in the coastal town.

He has used this opportunity to declare that Himara is Greek land and that the mainland is one. "In many cases say that the blood must blood be the last and wish to be so, but this land, Himara Greek soil, has shown ever and ever that there are always heroes, and always gives her sons best sacrifice for freedom ", - said before the tomb, of Aristotel Guma, the Greek member parliament.

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