Monday, August 13, 2012

18-year-old girl kills 45-year-old man

18-year-old girl kills 45-year-old man
The residents of the Kerrabe commune, near Tirana, witnessed a murder foretold. The 18 year old Nazmije Visha, from Vile village, killed this midnight the 45 year old Fiqiri Muca, after a mysterious intimate history that might have started when the girl was just 14.

The victim from Burrel, who was a married man, was a friend of the teen’s family, since her sister was married with his brother. Police thinks to resolve the contradictory details of this crime based on a report that took place last month, when the media announced the disappearance of Nazmie Visha, and when her mother tried to commit suicide.

The teen was found in Burrel and she declared that she had been abducted by Muca, and that he had kept her in a forest through force. But the teen withdrew the charges, saying that she went with him on her own will. This was enough for the Burrel police to close the case.

“She left two months ago and was abducted for 11 days in a forest. We thought that he had done something to her, because she didn’t phone us. She was taken there and she had no other choice, because the roads were blocked”, declared the cousin of the author at that time.

After this, the teen was living with her grandparents in Kerrabe, for being protected from any possible attack from Muca. The girl was engaged with another man in the meantime, and it seems that this had made Muca more aggressive.

On the night of the murder, Muca has arrived with a taxi at her village, and his intention was probably to abduct the girl again.

The police says that the teen has shot the man with a gun by even following her in a field, 500 meters from her door.

“He abducted her and she feared for her life, because he had threatened her that he would kill her family members and burn her house down. She has been engaged lately and her fiancé was going to marry her despite everything that happened. She was abducted two months ago from her house”, says her cousin.

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