Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fatos Lubonja: Albania, is in the hands of bandits, political opposition, is the decor, I predict riots

Lubonja tests in recent months but more frequent, have increased the dose of civic revolt, the criticism against the political system and claim to be his equals stopped to this passivity. We have considered writing to the president's choice for the loss of political dialogue, to private universities, for former political prisoners and their use as electoral commodity. Most numerous political primitivism hit directly responsible to the loss of security and hope to people.

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navy said...

US Professor: New York University!

PD Party, is in hand of the crime Berisha Clan

Shinasi Rama: PD, pronë e lanit kriminal të Berishës

von Gary Kokolary Berisha, Olldashi and the Dashamir Gjoka Mafia Clan in Shiak

Mafia Clan of Democratic Party of Albania...