Monday, December 5, 2011

Tadić denounces extremists "on all sides"

BELGRADE -- Boris Tadić says that when it comes to its EU candidate bid, Serbia is facing "a big problem" in the shape of extremists.


They could cause violence, said the Serbian president in Belgrade on Monday.

He also commented on Germany's position to say that Serbia would not have been made a candidate had the decision been take several days ago, and that he is still uncertain if Germany's position would change.

He also asserted that "the essence of the approach" of Germany regarding Serbia's ambition to join the EU changed "after the latest violence in Kosovo".

Tadić said that extremists "on both sides, Serb and (ethnic) Albanian, and even in the international community" could cause violence that would damage Serbia's interests.

"The problem is that I cannot influence all those who today hold responsibility in Kosovo and Metohija, but I am doing all I can so that violence is prevented, for people to reconcile and for a solution to be found for this great problem," said the president, and added that "with such issues it is often about unpopular decisions".

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