Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Himara NGO`s ready to protest for return all the properties

Himara NGOs of the region, warning to the Municipality of Himara, to interrupt the relationship, if the Project Plan for Development of the Region, will be approved without returned total properties to the successors residents of The Himara Region .

Meanwhile NGOs of Himara, calling on the Albanian government, to implement 12 points of the EU requirements, especially for the return of property.

Himara NGOs of the Region, "the Association Coast", "The Himara Community", "the Association of Tourism", and " The Association of Businessmen", placed on Monday, to consider the final decision-making of the Himara Municipality, as contrary the interest of the Himara Region, warning, for interruption of relationship with the local administration, and to define a new strategy, created in relations with the Albanian state, especially not to return under the Constitution, community property, including the properties of the Orthodox Church.

Himara NGOs of the Region, also call the American Embassy, as the funding of many projects to the Himara Municipality, follow with deep concern, recent decisions of The Municipality Council, particularly the approval of the Area Development Plan, without turning , in collaboration with the Albanian government, all properties, of auttokton community.

Thousands of American and European descent from the Region of Himara, expected to join a new decision, of the NGOs, to be sent a critical note, to the Albanian government, which has obligations determined by international agreements, especially with EU and USA , to return totally, the Himara community property.


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