Monday, August 15, 2011

"Red and Black" Albanian Nationalist Alliance: The Decoration of Ikonomus, is a new provocation

The Alliance "Red and Black" has react today about the ceremony to honor the Greek consul in Korce, Theodhoros Ikonomu Kamarinos considering it a provocation.

In a press release, the "Red and Black" Alliance declares that the decoration of Ikonomus, has innovative intention of the census on ethnic and religious grounds.

The Alliance
the "Red and Black" has called on the Albanian state to react on this case, as "unprecedented", recalling that the position of the Anti-based registration of ethnic and religion, is the protection of national identity and national integrity.

"The Decoration of Ikonomus and approval or silence of the Albanian politics are consequences for political instability and conditioning the integration process of Albania into the EU." Reads the statement of the
"Red and Black" Alliance.

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