Saturday, August 20, 2011

Government of Kosovo wants to have helicopters and armored vehicles for the police

20.08.2011, ora 13:09

Prime Minister Hashim Thaci was complained that the Assembly of Kosovo has gone on vacation when the northern part of the state was declared a restricted military area writes "Koha Ditore".

The newspaper has learned that after the police action to seize control of customs points at Jarinje and Bernjak, head of the Government had plans to seek permission from Parliament to purchase sophisticated equipment for Kosovo Police. It is for the purchase of two helicopters and ten armored vehicles. Senior officials in the government, but also within the Police officials have confirmed that the plan for strengthening the logistics and the Police Operations, which is already approved, is expected to be presented in the following days the Assembly, when the autumn session will begin.

The newspaper′s sources have warned that the purchase of logistics for the police vehicles will be done through an open international tender.

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