Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ongoing challenges Albanian nationalist circles

Ongoing challenges Albanian nationalist circles without any reaction of the Albanian government.More specifically, on 10 June the Albanian judicial Skender Damini with his family tried to cross into Greece from the outpost of Kakavia. His father Skender Damini had a passport indicating that he was born in the village of Mazrek "Tsamouria.

As expected, the Greek authorities banned to enter Greece because there is no recognized country called Tsamouria. So both Skender Damini and his family decided to return home to Albania to protest the racist behavior as reported by the Greek authorities.
This is the advantage of the well-known Albanian nationalist and Vice President of the Supreme Council of Justice Kreshnik Spahiu, which has become widely known because of public support for neo-Albanian nationalist organization "Alliance Red and Black."

In statements to the Albanian media Spahiu requires by the Greek Foreign Ministry to explain the behavior of the Greek authorities towards the judge Skender Damini. In addition, the Greek Foreign Ministry has not made an announcement about the incident and the statements of the Albanian nationalist, let alone the Albanian government has commented on the continuous challenges of the Albanian nationalist circles trying to poison relations between the two countries with provocative moves such as above.

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