Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Tension on the Greek Albanian relations

Municipality of Korca: "Greek Consul irresponsible statements, to remove from Korca"

Korca. The City Council of Korca has reacted today after restore the Greek consul Theodhoro Ikonomus. The Council members have asked today, a day after returning to Theodoros Ikonomus, his replacement for reasons of anti-Albanian statements, he has done, some weeks ago for Albanian media.

"We have no connection with chauvinism. Ikonomus statements are chauvinistic and irresponsible "- declaring the Municipality Council of Korca, in its statements. The Municipal Council of Korca in his statement said also. he would join protests of patriotic associations in all Albania.

The Greek Consul, became known for his statements, where he was calling from Korça to register as Greeks, which caused strong reactions by Albanian nationalism. After three weeks absence, he has returned yesterday to the Greek consulate Korce, reporters News 24 TV in Tirana.

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