Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The candidature of President of Omonia, is at risk, charged by High State Control

The "Oppossition Coalition" would not support the municipality of Himara Candidate Vasilis Bollano

"Top Channel TV" on News Edition today, speaks for disagreement between Socialist Party and HRUP for supporting Bollano as New Mayor candidate for Himara Municipality

The television station "Top Channel" adjacent to profess opposition leader Edi Rama, citing the leadership of the Socialist Party of Albania, published today by the news that although the Socialists are in collaboration with HRUP - party that supports the Omonia - no will support the General Chairman of Omonia, Vasilis Bolanos, as candidate of Omonia - HURP for Himara municipality.

According to the same publication, the two main reasons that the opposition would not support the Bolanos is that it is anti-national positions and charged with abuse of power by the High State Control (KLSH).

The Himara Municipality, has including into registration process of properties by OSCE, the anti democratic Law 7501. But this process, is risking to failed, after some NGO of Himara, have replaced categorically.

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