Saturday, January 8, 2011

The political debate on national television, KLAN "

Menduh Thaci: You, Fatos Lubonja and Andrea Stefani, are become the lawyer of Belgrade, in Tirana, against Kosovo, and KLA "

A political debate as well as nationalist, has been developed on national television "KLAN" Last week, the pair was the dissident and publicist Fatos Lubonja with Albanian politician in Macedonia, Menduh Thaci.

During the debate on Greater Albania, no replies were absent between them, as far as Menduh Thaci addressed Fatos Lubonja throwing accusations public, in the form of nationalist rhetoric. While Fatos Lubonja said that Serbian dissidence appreciate in the battle against Milosevic, who was creating a state in the extreme nationalist, while Menduh Thaci answer was: "When you Fatos Lubonja and Andrea Stefani, comment on problems against nationalist interests of all Albanians, and against the KLA, all media in Belgrade, you consider heroes in Albania. "

Lubonja said he would stay faithful to the ideals of a democratic state, and not as it is moving Albania, Kosovo and some other countries failed, that is to be created fascist nationalist states.

Lubonja, a critic, however, pointed out that there are two visions of Albanians in the Balkans. The first is for a Greater Albania, which is a vision shared by ethnic Albanian Parties in Macedonia who believe Albania would feed the other territories as Serbia fed Kosovo.

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