Friday, January 14, 2011



Regarding the statement of former Minister Dritan Prifti, who accuses Deputy Prime Minister Ilir Meta as the owner of a resort, in Dhermi, Himara Region, the license taken by the Company "Merkaj Construction" in an area of 300 thousand square meters.

The Himara Community, calls the Albanian government, to explain fully transparent, all activities of the Council of Territorial Adjustment, in relation to giving out the title, "Villages and tourist resorts, in Ionian Coast area, and especially in Himara Region.

Also The Himara Community, asks Himara Municipality, to introduce transparence in the community, for the title of the property that the Company "Merkaj Construction" and other, related alleged affair with the policy of the Albanian mafia, possess the legitimate documents of a place called Dhrale, in Dhermi.

We emphasize that in a very decisive and a historic moment for Himara Region, and the inhabitants in the Ionian coast, remains the registration of properties by the OSCE, for which The Himara Community, is determined to contribute that the lands, to be taken by the legal successor in the basis of the constitution of the country.

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