Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dritan Prifti: Ilir Meta owner of a resort in Dhermi

Continues the Albanian government corruptions scandals in Himara Region

Former Government Minister Berisha, Dritan Prifti, denounced, among others, the Deputy Prime Minister of Albania Ilir Meta, even as the owner of a resort to be built in Dhermi, Himara Region.

During an interview on National Television "Top Channel", Dritan Prifti, said that, "Ilir Meta also has some illegal activity, as a tourist village in Dhermi that is building with the Company "Merkaj Construction".

The denunciation is one of the documents necessary for the Region f Himara, in wake of registration of property in this area, for which residents complain that their properties are taken from the mafia and illegal activity groups, with the help of the government and Albanian institutions.

The Statement of former Minister Prifti, opens more complicated cases, in which not only community, but also Greece, has sought through OSCE, to have a transparent process and the return of their properties in Himara Region, to legitimate owners.

The issue in this case of Prifti, opens here some questions:

1. Is aware, the Municipality of Himara, and where is the transparency for the construction of the resort from "Merkaj Construction" Company and that has taken land ownership documentation?

2. Are the property owners, a part of them live in USA and Greece, informed for "Merkaj Construction" Company, which owns an area of 300 thousand square meters in Dhralea area of Dhermi (Drymades)?

3. When it is adopted and with what permit "Merkaj Construction" Company, will start work in Dhermi?

Meanwhile, remain to denounce tourist villages in the region of Himara, for which, Dhermi, Palas, Yale and Qeparo, the Albanian Mafia in government has approved in collaboration with the Municipality of Himara, with ouit trasparence for Himara Community, during the Berisha government.

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