Thursday, October 7, 2010

Metropolitan of Berat in the inauguration of Irinej: Kosovo, Jerusalem

TIRANE-The Serbian daily Blic published statements of several bishops from different countries of the world who participated in the inauguration of the Serbian Patriarch in Pec.

Even the Metropolitan of Berat, Vlora, and all Southern Albania, Ignatius expressed concerned about the situation in Kosovo, not reluctant to call the new state, Serbia's Jerusalem.

"Now I see the situation in Kosovo. If I feel anxious. We Orthodox Albanians, have fueled feelings in common with the people and the Serbian church bombing, here and now in Kosovo. But at the same time I feel a great joy and pleasure here in Patriarchy and Kosovo. This is good for the Serbs and their church, and I know I feel your Jerusalem, "said Metropolitan Ignatius.

The Inauguration of the Serbian Patriarch Irinej gathered in the Patriarchate of Pec 40 senior representatives of all local Orthodox churches and some 30 senior representatives of other churches and traditional religious communities.

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