Friday, October 8, 2010

The Greek red line, Kosovo

Greek PM: No change in position on Kosovo

ΑΝΑ-ΜPA/Greece's position on Kosovo has not changed, prime minister George Papandreou said Tuesday night in an interview with B59 radio station in Belgrade during a lighting visit, where he addressed a conference on "Serbia on the Road to Europe" that marked the 10th anniversary of the popular revolt that led to the toppling of the Milosevic regime.

Asked if Greece intends to alter its stance on the Kosovo issue, Papandreou replied: "We have a very close contact with President (of Serbia, Boris) Tadic. We are also in constant contact with the prime minister of Kosovo Hashim Thaci. I speak personally with him. We want to help the dialogue, and so long as we maintain that role, our position remains firm, which allows us to be useful and facilitate the dialogue."

To another question, Papandreou categorically stressed that "no, there is no" recognition of Kosovo.

Asked about Serbia's European prospect Papandreou reiterated that Serbia's future lies in the European Union.

After the last EURO enlargement with 10 new member states, which included Romania and Bulgaria, the pace slowed down, Papandreou said, "but now we are continuing".

Papandreou said an effort was being made to advance the Greek "Agenda 2014" initiative, with 2014 as a symbolic year but also a feasible date for the accession of some countries to the EU.

Serbia is moving ahead, but a new era is also coming in Europe, the Greek premier added.

Note: Sources from Albanian Media ("Standard" Newspaper, 2009 edition), referring the Kosovo recognition by Athens, as an intern issue regarding the national interest of Greece, continues to be conditioned for the Autonomy of Northern Epirus, for the full rights of the Greek Community in Southern Albania.

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