Monday, May 24, 2010

Albania, Security News

A bomb exploded at home of Vassilios Bolanos

Powerful explosive targeted the house of the Mayor of Himara and the President of OMONIA.

At around 12.00 to last midnight, an unknown explosive, had placed on the door of the house of Vasillios Bolanos, Mayor of Himara Municipality and the General President of the Greek Minority of Albania.

The blast damaged the house of the mayor, in parked cars and the surrounding houses. Miracle characterized that no casualties because the fragments of the explosion shot at long distance.

Specifically, from the explosion broke the front door of the house of Mr. Bollanos and broke all the windows, a parked car was badly damaged and finally broke the windows of neighboring houses.

It is not the first time that Mr Bollanos, is target of attacks. In previous elections, explosive device was placed in his car Himara mayor and chairman of the minority organization "Omonia".

Fortunately did not have any information for victims, during attack explosive.

Annyway, the president of the greeks in Northern Epirus in Albania and the Mayor of a municipality in which the Albanians do not recognize the Greek origin sush as Himara Region, Mr. Bollanos has often became target of the albanian nationalists, claiming self-evident rights of the Greeks of Northern Epirus.

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