Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Albanian - Turkish cooperation for a naval base, an new geopolitical menace against Greece

According to the latest news, the albanian parliament, has passed a law for the entering in Albanian territorial waters, the Turkish military naval force in total 1125 soldgers.

The aims, is to develop cooperation between the Turkish and Albanian fleets.

Then event, was launched with a bilateral exercise in which the Turkish submarine, Dolunay (209/1200) was involved last year on an exercise in Durresi Port Sea.

After the vote and the law by the Albanian parliament, essentially formalized a strategic and formal approach dates at least from the mid 90s.

Turkish forces, where estabilished in albanian territory constructing toy naval bases, submarines base in Pasha Liman near Vlora Bay and Air Naval Base in Kucova.

Anyway this is the new escalation menace for Greece in Northern Ionian Sea by Turkish naval forces with the help of the Albanian parliament.

But diplomatic sources said that, Turkey is not still a "friendly state to guaranty" the Albanian sovereignty, after the request of the European Union, Tirana has decided to carry Italy es its future advocate for Albania.

Sources www.defencenet.gr

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