Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tensions Greek - Turkish navy

Turkish frigates undisturbed in the Aegean?

Intense discussion and questions about the purpose behind causes the Greek form of the new Pentagon challenges implemented by Turkey, sending systematically and with great frequency over the last four months of the warships 'nostril' Athens-Sounion.

Yesterday for the 11th time from 7 November 2009 - and 6th in 2010 - a Turkish corvette passed without any apparent reason, the strait between the Sounion and Kea (Kea) and through the Straits of Kafireas headed for the North Aegean and the Dardanelles.

In all cases, the boats run by Ακσάζ naval base at the height of Rhodes and the only difference with the "pointless wanderings of" that other pass west and east of Kea other.
A similar challenge was made on 14/1/09 and in the exercise when the frigate "Turgut Reis" had come to the limits of the Saronic Gulf, when he returned to the Dardanelles when he became Greek protest.

Questions for spying

The identical method of performing their movement corvettes and frigates to Turkey, and the high frequency, have cast doubt on the Greek side, besides the obvious political challenges may be lurking and planning for espionage activities.

The possibility was reinforced according to sources in the Navy and that one of the 11 "undue wanderings" of this 22-December the vessel was "Tsantarli" which has become a vessel of war and electronic eavesdropping by the Turkish Navy.
... Before about two years ago, on January 20, 2008, the ship had reached 7 miles off of Kimi in the exercise and enforcement, as evidenced by instruments (sensors) that was open, espionage activity ...

The makers of Defense to monitor separately the new form of challenge in Turkey are trying to see who is regular if it is "in the making" any other claim.The makers of the Navy to analyze services step by step as to whether there are other elements that affect the rules of innocent passage beyond that these voyages not serve the movement from one to another open sea, as required by international regulations.

The Minister of National Defense said yesterday, after meeting with the President of LAOS Karatzaferis - that is a "limit" case of innocent passage monitored, as all events in the Aegean, "the strategy calm and vigilant in the required.
Mr. Karatzaferis said that such moves pose potential risks.

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