Sunday, March 14, 2010


Turkish superiority in the Aegean

In times of crisis so deep it sounds almost could. But the reality is that after the long break arms and now the financial collapse are now creating the conditions for collapse and defense of the country. And the results may prove not only far more painful for Greece but fatal to its existence as a balance military power between Greece and Turkey from 2015 onwards will be by far the worst in modern history of Greece and Turkey both quantitative-and-above all quality.

You just yesterday that Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said to-obviously for reasons of internal power balance with Turkish generals that the equipment-destroying countries and should find a way to reduce the country but doing exactly the opposite: this time is development most armament program in the history of Turkey.

So very soon Greece will be more vulnerable to Turkey more than any other time in the 20th century, except during the period of the collapse of the junta in the summer of 1974. This time, however, will not be 'instant' vulnerability due to a temporary building, but scrapping the overwhelming advantage of an established power in Ankara.

Marine power

Upon completion in 2015 after the large Aircraft armament programs that are already in progress that Turkey will have to first definite advantage at sea with what this may mean for a country which receives such strong pressure on some of the rocks and sea areas.
It is often that Turkey "and other fronts. In reality, however, has no front that require fifth-generation fighter aircraft or, much more fleet with the power and potential that currently builds.

What is described in a few years ago the former head of the Turkish Armed Forces Hilmi Ozkiok, father of the new naval doctrine in Ankara, and recently reiterated by its current successor General Basmpoug speaking officers in the Navy in the naval port Golcuk: «On aftokratoriesi naval power is extremely important.
The Navy has played a big role in the prevalence and primacy of Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Great Britain and the United States. At all events, if today the sea power is an important time, tomorrow will be five. In the Aegean have been problems and solve them we need a strong Navy.

The analysis of the structure of naval forces to build the neighbor fully supports these views.
In fact, Turkey is creating not one but at least three independent fleets will soon be able to act independently of each other, to make exclusions marine areas, islands and islets and cut off sea routes at the same time in different points of the Aegean. Furthermore, the new Turkish maritime forces, focusing on the new corvettes and frigates of the Turkish fleet, may, when acting to protect their forces very effectively in many zone defenses mile. . Obviously what they learned from the Turks is not the Imia not to repeat but they must be able to resume much more effectively on multiple fronts simultaneously, which would be practically impossible to deal with the Greek fleet to the existing structure forces of.

The air power

At the same time the already overwhelming volume emerging Turkish superiority in air and especially to introduce the fifth generation fighter type Stealth will make the concept of air past violations.
Not because the Turkish air force, armed with the fifth generation aircraft, will cease its violations, but because the Greek armed forces would be technically unable to attend the traces of Turkish fighter in the Aegean, except when the pilots would want.
Turkey is one of the countries participating in the program combined the JSF, including present and Israel and Great Britain, despite the fact that the country is the second co-producer of Eurofighter.
With orders exceeding 4000

The introduction of the Aegean on behalf of the Turkish armed forces will create unprecedented circumstances divide power between the two countries at the same time will be soundly defeated every sense of the quantitative balance of power. And that even the fifth generation aircraft, but simply by the number of upgraded F16 will now have the anchor, which noted that it supported the Turkish factory, with all that implies for their operational capacity.

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