Thursday, November 5, 2009

Albanian president "wants good relations"

5 November 2009, Source: Beta

TIRANA -- Albanian President Bamir Topi denied claims that Albania was striving to unite with Kosovo, referring to them as "malicious and wrong interpretations".“Albania respects the young state of Kosovo as the fully-fledged state, but neither Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia nor Montenegro can spread its territory outside their respective borders,” Topi said.He then added that he did not believe Belgrade and Tirana "could bring closer their positions on Kosovo" but that this "does not mean they could not cooperate".

“Everything else is wrong and malicious interpretation from certain circles which look to recreate tension in the region. The situation in the Balkans has changed, there is a political dialogue without precedent and all the countries are concentrating on European integrations,” the Albanian president said. He stated that Albania was "ready to support Kosovo in the process of consolidating of democracy, institutions and rule of the law". “I believe that new recognitions will come soon, but Kosovo needs the support of the countries of the region in order to consolidate democracy and institutions,” said he.

Topi added that Serbia and Albania "already cooperate within regional meetings dedicated to politics, economy, ecology and culture", and said it was there that he had meetings with Serbian President Boris Tadić. “Just because we disagree about one question, doesn’t mean we can’t work together in other areas. We would like to have friendly relations with Serbia and we support it on the road of European integrations, and for Serbia to contribute the peace and stability in the region,” the Albanian president concluded.

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