Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sotiris Ninis: the rising star

The Champions League, which he has entered to play during the match Panathinaikos - Inter, offered for the Italian public the opportunity to admire a player of great talent such as Sotiris Ninis.
It is no coincidence, but there are several large clubs of the old Continent who already follow with interest the imagination of talented of Panathinaikos, including Manchester United, Milan, Arsenal, Real Madrid. The Athenian Society, for its part, has taken steps to protect Ninis who wants to pay about 15 million.

In a country with strong nationalism, such as Greece, it is interesting to note that Sotiris Ninis was born in Himara, a city south of Albania. This should not mislead: Ninis is pure greek origin. His parents, as several sources report, are of Greek ethnicity. In addition, Sotiris Ninis has actually ever lived in Greece, where his parents have moved since 1991.

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