Monday, March 23, 2009


Photo archive: Vlore, Albania March 1997

The crisis that broke out in Albania, in early March of 1997, following the collapse of the banking system and the State of Civil War.

By the No. 1101/1997 UNSC Resolution, issued after the Report of the E.U. and the OSCE Working Groups, the establishment of a temporary, small scale OSCE-led Multinational Protection Force in Albania was authorized, in order to create a secure environment for the missions of the International Organizations in Albania, ensuring the conduct of free elections for the appointment of a new government.

Italy was the lead nation in the Multinational Protection Force, with participating nations France, Turkey, Spain, Romania, Denmark, Austria, Slovenia, Belgium and Greece. PARTICIPATION OF HELLENIC FORCES: The Hellenic Contingent in Albania consisting of 803 men and 224 vehicles arrived in Albania on the 5th of April 1997, in the context of operation “ALBA”.

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