Monday, September 15, 2008

Southern Albania, explosions and robbery

During the month of September, five explosions have disturbed the most important tourist region of the country, Saranda, while orthodox churches have been violated systematically.

According to the Albanian press, the last explosion made today early in Saranda town was target to one of criminal officers of Police Department, destructing totally his car. One day ago, an explosion by tritol, has destructed a buss, propriety of Albanian citizen with Greek nationality. When an anonymous body dead, has been fond by villagers of Bistritsa locality 10 km near Saranda.

In addition some of orthodox churches of the regions ArgirokasterSaranda has been violated systematically by tow persons came from Tirana, said sources of Interior Ministry of Albania. Tow boys where from Tirana and inside their car, found materials stolen of orthodox churches of Ksamili and Argirokaster, said for the public information Albanian Police Department.

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