Friday, July 4, 2008


The daughter of Berisha, Argita Maltezi is coppering with Foreign Companies to sell Ionian Coast in Northern Epirus. The foreign Company “Best Property Albania" represented by David Hentsell, is one of some contractors which cooperate with the “Legal Office of Maltezi Group”.

Not only “Mediterranean Club” is collaborating with the daughter of Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha, Argita Maltezi but one important issue to sell proprieties and lands in Albanian Riviera is denounced in Albanian Parliament by the represent of Socialist Party Erion Brace. He accused the Prime Minister Berisha to corrupt politically and economically foreign companies in collaboration with “Legal Office” of his daughter Argita Maltezi.

The accuses of Brace to the PM Berisha was directly for “Best Property Albania" which collaborates with Maltezi as priority to sell propriety and lands of tourist zones of Albania.

According to information the most important lands and proprieties which are target to sell are during the Albanian Southern Ionian Coast, known geopolitically as Northern Epirus territory, populated by Greeks. It’s very known the efforts of Albanian Mafia to conquest lands and proprieties of Hellenic population in Southern Albania under the model of “Northern Cyprus”. Some times the leaders of the Greek communities and municipalities are denounced the efforts of Albanian Government which supports Mafia Groups to conquest lands of Greek Community.

One more important accuse made by the Socialist Party in Parliament directly to the PM Berisha who is favorizing foreign companies such is the new office opened in Tirana, the “Best Property Albania" represented by David Hentsell. Some days ago the Vlora`s Periphery Council approved for the second time the “Kakomea Project Beach” to beginning way of the project in collaboration with “Club Med”. According to Brace the daughter of Berisha is linked directly both “Club Med” and “Best Property Albania".

The last movement to conquest the Ionian Coasts populated by Hellenic people, is denounced time ago by tow important mayors of Hellenic Community in the region: the Mayor of Himara Vassilis Bollanos and Lukovo Vladimir Kumis, who accused directly the Prime Minister Sali Berisha and Albanian Mafia supported by the Albanian Tribunals.

One month ago the much known Albanian publicist Fatos Lubonja, accused Albanian Mafia supported politically by the Prime Minister Sali Berisha to conquest lands and proprieties of Ionian Coast. Lubonja refers a TV debate with presence of Tourism Minister of Albania Ylli Pango and the Director of World Bank Project for Ionian Coast Jamarber Maltezi (son in law of Prime Minister Berisha) who declared for developments of Ionian Coast constructing “Tourist Villages” on the lands of Himara peoples.

Lubonja comments that the attacks against the Mayor of Himara Vassilis Bollanos and the Greek minority of this zone made by Albanian media linked with politic mafia which are exactly the idea to ocupet lands and to construct “tourist perandory” under the developing tourist villages such are Kakomea and Draleas..

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