Friday, May 24, 2019

"We're aware of Rosu activity, we have strong response"

"We know that Rosu is on standby," the president of Serbia said after meeting with representatives of Serbs from Kosovo in the Palace of Serbia.


Aleksandar Vucic also said that the international community should prevent arrests of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija.

At a press conference, he said that he and Serbs from Kosovo have prepared "strong measures" as Serbia's response to Pristina's behavior - but that those would wait until after a meeting in Paris.

"We have prepared measures. We will take care that they don't affect Serbs in Kosovo, so they are limited, but very strong and harsh. We will not implement them until after the meeting in Paris is over," Vucic said.

As he added, his task in Paris will be to inform "representatives of Europe" Merkel and Macron about Serbia's response after nine months of "anti-civilizational" taxes (imposed by Pristina), and after Pristina's resolution on the so-called genocide, formation of an army, non-implementation of the Brussels agreement by Pristina. The president also said that "we know that Rosu (special Kosovo police) are ready and intend to start arresting Serbs," and urged the international community to prevent such developments.

After his meeting with about 140 political representatives of Serbs and the most important institutions of Serbia in Kosovo and Metohija, Vucic also asked representatives of the "Quint" - i.e., five leading western countries - who recently said they were concerned about what happened in the 2017 elections - to try to prevent provocations and actions aimed at expelling Serbs from Kosovo.

"Those who thought there would be some talks in Paris were wrong, there would be no talks until they (Pristina) abolish the taxes. We can talk about how nice the weather is, but the status of Kosovo and Metohija will not be discussed until the taxes have been abolished," he said.

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