Tuesday, January 30, 2018

No discussion about Cham Issue in Albania-Greece Agenda

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied that the Cham issue was the main topic in Albania- Greece agenda. The Greek ministry released a press statement to repudiate the Albanians officials claims.

According to the Independent Balkan News Agency, the Foreign Ministry stated:

“We categorically refute statements by Albanian officials on the alleged inclusion of the ‘Cham’ issue in the talks between Greece and Albania. Besides, the willingness of the Albanian side to include it is one thing and is actually accepted for discussion is quite another.”

Greek Ministry warned Albanian counterpart, not to raise issues that can end the progress made till now between the two countries.

“We call on the Albanian side not to raise issues that oppose the frank and constructive dialogue in progress. A dialogue that helps, thanks to the efforts of both sides, to significantly improve the climate in Greek-Albanian relations that has already yielded results, for the mutual benefit of both countries and their citizens,” — Foreign Ministry said.

The Greek response follows the declaration made by Albanian Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati in the Albanian media. He said that:

“We have been talking about Cham issues for three years. Me, myself, as a foreign minister exchanged a document, that drive the dialogue mechanism in this process. Cham issues will continue to be a point for us, till its resolution”. Link

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