Thursday, May 25, 2017

Why is Army calling up reservists for training exercises?

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The Serbian Army (VS) plans to call up reservists for training exercises once every five years, since their military obligations end when they turn 65.

This is what Ministry of Defense spokesperson Jovan Krivokapic told the N1 broadcaster, stressing that training exercises "have nothing to do with the security situation or the migrant crisis."

"It's regular practice," Krivokapic said.

The topic was raised after a considerable number of New Belgraders in recent days received orders to attend training exercises, "which upset residents of this part of the capital, who do not know the cause for this kind of training."

N1 further said that the call-ups state the training would last 15 days, and that fines for those who fail to respond range from RSD 10,000 to 50,000,. Alternatively, they could spend three months in jail.

Krivokapic "stressed this was nothing new, and that this practice was introduced in these regions after the Second World War."

The spokesperson also said that "certain conditions have been fulfilled" that allow the VS to begin training its reservists "more actively."

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